• A Slimmer Sexier You

    A Slimmer, Sexier You

    Our cutting-edge SLIMSONIX Ultra™ method removes fat permanently and painlessly with noticeable results after your first session.
  • Trim Those Extra Inches

    Trim Those Extra Inches

    Shed those stubborn pockets of fat. This revolutionary new method can painlessly trim inches in the comfort of one of our convenient locations.
  • Painless and Non Invasive

    Painless and Non-Invasive

    Get the look you want without surgery. SLIMSONIX Ultra™ is non-invasive, non-surgical, with no down time, pain, or recovery.
  • Pinpoint Stubborn Areas

    Pinpoint Stubborn Areas

    Eliminate stubborn pockets of fat. SLIMSONIX Ultra™ makes it easy. Schedule an appointment today.

Lose Weight Fast and Easy with Body Sculpting

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  • One 30 min session of SLIMSONIX Ultra™
  • One 10 min session of Vibration Therapy
  • FREE Consultation
  • Save $170!
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  • Four 30 min sessions of SLIMSONIX Ultra™
  • Four 10 min sessions of Vibration Therapy
  • FREE Consultation
  • Save $200!

See SLIMSONIX Ultra™ In Action on Dr. OZ

  • Shed those stubborn inches in just hours!
  • Fits in your schedule.
  • Non-invasive. No down time.
  • As seen on Dr. OZ.

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Anti Aging Before RF Skin Tightening Stomach


Anti Aging After RF Skin Tightening Stomach


"Since I was a kid I have always been a dancer. My legs have always been strong and muscular, but since I turned 36 I noticed "saddle bags." I have been dancing and exercising, but my body has changed. I saw a promo online for safe, effective, no incision, no down time lipo-type fat removal. I had... READ MORE

"Working as a nurse I thought my arms would always be toned - I lift, pull, move, etc all day long. Well, now I have some extra skin/fat under my triceps. At 41, I was not expecting this. I am 5′ 4″ and 145 lbs. The rest of my body is... READ MORE